WL651402 will not restart

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My new WL651402 will not restart?

by j mankin
( letart, wva, usa)

Will start and build pressure, but after use, will not restart to keep pressure up


Since I cannot find an image of your WL 651402 compressor I’m not entirely sure what the compressor is like.

However, please drain the tank completely and then try to start the compressor. Did it start?

If so, then monitor the run right up to pressure cut out, and when it stops, monitor the unloader valve to make sure it works properly. I ask you to do this as I suspect an unloader valve problem with the compressor.

Please see the page on unloader valves on this site for more information about what they are and what they do, if you are not certain.

If the unloader valve is working, then please comment here with what happens, or does not happen, when you bleed the air from the tank below the normal cut in pressure. For example, does the pressure switch trip?

Also, see the troubleshooting section for guidance about why some air compressors will not restart.

Please advise what you found.

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