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Campbell Hausfeld compressor motor runs then stops turning

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by Kent

I have a Campbell Hausfeld 60 gallon compressor, don’t remember model. Had for over year slightly used 20 or so hours. The Electric motor runs then stops turning after a minute? Only turn on when using it.

Cmpbell Hausfeld 60 gallon air compressor
Cmpbell Hausfeld 60 gallon air compressor

Recently went to start it. Compressor came on fine. Motor stopped turning after approx building 30 psi.

Motor still had power but would not turn, started smell of electrical burning. Switch turned off immediately.

Since trying to diagnose have turned on a couple of times. Same occurrence, time running seems to be longer the longer in between runs.

Have found no correlation in pressure seems to be time or load based. Still builds pressure every time. No extension cord, used on the same circuit for over year with no problem before. Any help?

Kent, good that you mentioned you are not using an extension cord, as had you been doing so, that alone may have been the reason.

Your compressor motor likely has a start capacitor and a run capacitor. It is possible that as the pressure in the tank increases, your motor needs some help powering itself to keep running against the increasing power. If the run capacitor is failing, that might be the problem. See the page on this site about testing the caps if you would.

Your compressor symptoms could also be caused by a bad tank check valve so, after dumping all tank pressure, you could remove, clean and replace that.

Other potential trouble spots? The motor itself may be failing, your intake filter may be plugged up overloading the motor, your pump valves (intake and pressure) might be failing… start with the easier stuff and move to the harder, as valve checking, for example, will require a tear down of the pump itself.

By Bill Wade

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