by Carlos Rodriguez
(La Mirada, CA. )

My dad just gave me his old CH 6.5 HP (VT627000AJ) air compressor. For some reason he disconnected the motor from the pressure switch and does not remember how to reconnect it.

Pressure Switch On Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor
Pressure Switch On Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

The motor is a Doerr Emerson Electric motor LR22132 model T368X8NJ1016 MFG # B69B.

There is no wire diagram. On the connecting plate there are only number that read 1,3 and 4 next to some copper poles, There is also poles 2 & 5 that have a jumper that is label L2. The 8 inch cable that connects the pressure switch to the motor has 3 cables, green (ground), white & black.

So with that said I have 3 possible wiring configurations.
1 & 3, 1 & 4 or 3 & 4. I’m thinking 1 & 4 but I would like to be sure.


Wiring pressure switch
by: Doug in

Double darn!  Can’t see where the power cord goes, or which terminal is number 3.

No matter, try this, and I’m gonna write some stuff that you may already know : you need some sort of continuity tester or volt-ohm-meter. Any functional cheapo will do.

Start with the switch “OFF”.
The power in a proper outlet (wall plug) is arranged like this



(N)eutral is the wide blade slot, white wire.
Connect to the cord blade that fits there, and
test to find that in the switch, then turn the switch to “on” and find the other terminal.

Turn the switch back to “OFF”

Repeat with the (H)ot, blade, black wire.

The wires from the motor go to the second terminal you found, white to white, black to black.

Ground goes to the green or dark ground screw.

If you don’t find a second terminal in the “ON” position, the switch is bad.

If you are unclear what I’m saying above, write again to ask before you try to plug it in.


Got it
by: Carlos

The correct wiring configuration is 1 & 3, is working now, thanks for your help.


Got it
by: Doug in

Good and You’re welcome.