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My Campbell Hausfeld wl506208aj trips breaker and quit working. Why?

The motor starts then after about 5-seconds trips the circuit breaker.

The pressure gauge will be about 50psi.

Campbell Hausfeld WL506208AJ air compressor
Campbell Hausfeld WL506208AJ air compressor

This is a 120vac 14amp motor. I have moved it to other breakers including my new addition on the house which is a 20-amp circuit and nothing else on it. Any suggestions? Thank You.


Michael, thanks for the info you provided. Knowing that you have checked the power supply helps.

Try this please. Unplug the compressor, open the tank drain, and allow all the air to escape. Close the drain and plug in / turn on, the compressor.

Does it start and run?


Results from your suggestion

by: Michael

Hello, It is a dual tank model so each tank has a drain. I opened both drains. Nothing came out so I blew into the top tank drain and felt air coming out of the bottom tank drain.

After closing both drains I turned it on. The motor started and filled the tanks. The psi gauge filled to 145psi then stopped. The breaker did not trip. All seemed fine.

Then I attached my air ratchet and started using it. I noticed the psi gauge dropping then the motor started to hum but the compressor was not working. All I hear was the hum of the motor. After about 5-secs the breaker tripped. Thank you.


I think, based on what you have written, is that your unloader valve may not be functioning. Read the UNLOADER VALVE page for details.


About Unloader Valve

by: Michael

The unloader valve pages seem to describe the function of the valve. Should I be looking for pages to trouble shoot the valve? Not sure if I should be servicing the valve or replacing it. Thanks Again


Yes, but is the compressor unloader valve working? In other words, when the compressor stops, does the unloader valve dump the air over the piston, or not. If it does not, that is likely your problem. Then you can either try to fix the unloader, or more easily, replace it, though the latter will be more expensive as other components may have to be purchased along with the new unloader.