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Complaint about Campbell Hausfeld pressure switch

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by Larry Nopen

I have a 3 hp, 60 gal. compressor. It is 4 and a half years old.

It has went threw at least 1 pressure switch 1 year, at the cost of 49.00 a pop.

I called the 800 help line, changed the check valve, same problem.

I can click the pressure switch back and forth a few times and it will try to start.

All electrical wires are tight. My 5hp 80 gal never had this problem, and there was no phony on / off switch on it.

Do you have the part # for that switch.

Thanks Larry Nopen

Well Larry, as I have often said, in the drive to offer DIY compressor users ever lower cost compressors, something is going to give, and that something seems to be the quality of the components going into the air compressor.

I don’t have the model number of your Central Pneumatic air compressor, so I cannot try to find the specs on your pressure switch.

A couple of compressor pressure switches
A couple of compressor pressure switches

However, you sure don’t need an OEM switch for your compressor, just one that fits, has about the same pressure range, similar cut in and cut out, has the same voltage range and the same unloader connection.

There is a page about buying a new pressure switch here.

If you follow the steps you can pick the pressure switch that best suits your compressor, and your, needs.

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By Aidan Weeks

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