Porter Cable air compressors are sold throughout North America online via “certified” dealers and through Home Depots, Lowes and other factory outlets. While Porter Cable seems to be primarily in the hand tool business, with air driven fastening tools a big part of their product mix, they are also purveyors of air compressors.

Their offering of air compressors provides for the Porter Cable equipment user a necessary accessory for their air tools. You need compressed air to drive air tools, and if a Porter Cable air tool user needs air, they can get their compressor from them too.

Porter Cable offers some garage type air compressors, with 60 gallon and 80 gallon tanks. The broad mix of air compressors seems to be portable type, mostly for job sites.

If you can get help with your Porter Cable air compressor from them, so much the better. Those looking for Porter Cable air compressor information can access the Service Net portal through their site: www.portercable.com.

Porter Cable C2002 oil free air compressor
Porter Cable C2002 oil free air compressor

You will need to know the model number of your Porter Cable compressor to get assistance.

In the absence of help from them, this is the forum page for Porter Cable Air Compressors on this site. If you are having an issue with a Porter Cable air compressor this forum may provide the answers you need and allow you to ask a question about your compressor problem if the answer is not already here.

You can find answers on this site for Porter Cable compressor issues that we have written about like:

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Or, you can download complimentary manuals that kind folks have sent in to me to upload for all to use. Click the link to download the Porter Cable compressor manual of choice to your computer. If you have any Porter Cable air compressor manuals in digital form, please share. You can upload them using the form at the end of this page.

Porter Cable Air Compressor manuals are linked below:

The postings further down the page have complaints, tips, suggestions and other information about Porter Cable air compressors.

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