Porter Cable pancake air compressor started smoking

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Porter Cable pancake compressor started smoking and then just quit on me.

Its probably 10 years old i was using it and it started smoking and just quit…is it fixable?


Porter Cable C2002 WK air compressor
Porter Cable C2002 WK air compressor

Sure it is. The question I would ask is, will the cost of repair be worthwhile in relation to the cost of a new compressor of comparable HP and tank size?

Your post is scarce on details about what may be causing the smoking.

If it was the motor, I surmise a motor burn out, assuming that it was the motor smoking. If that is what was smoking, what does a new motor cost as compared to a new, comparably sized compressor? As much, or more, I expect.

If not the motor, where was the smoke coming from. Please advise.

Find the HP rating of your compressor motor, and contact a couple of electric motor supply companies to help determine if it’s more beneficial to fix or replace.

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