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by Joe Cook
(Duncanville, TX)

I have a 6 hp Porter Cable, model # CPF6025VP that I have been using connected to the same outlet for 12 years with no problems.

Porter Cable Cpf6025vp Air Compressor Https://www.about Air Compressors.com
Porter Cable Cpf6025vp Air Compressor Https://www.about Air Compressors.com

Now, it recently started growling and then blowing the breaker.

I plugged it directly into the wall socket and it appeared that it would work there, but now it is blowing the breaker again. Any suggestions?
Joe, first off, I am astonished that any manufacturer says that you can run a 6 HP electric motor on 120 Volts, as the specs (I checked them) seem to indicate for this model of Porter Cable air compressor.

That it starts at all, even with no air in the tank in a nice and dry, warm (not hot) environment is amazing.

If you have a moment, wander over to the Sitemap page and have a read of the page compressor power supply to see what I’m talking about.

Having ranted thusly 🙂 I suspect that it won’t take very much of a back load or change in operating conditions for your compressor to exhibit the symptoms your Porter Cable air compressor is.

Troubleshooting this compressor may be as simple as, before you start it again, emptying the tank completely. Then try again. If it starts with an empty tank and runs to cut out, it suggests that the problem might be your unloader valve. Please check that out (see unloader valve page for details).

If this is not the problem, please post a comment here.

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