Fortress Air Compressors – Who Makes Them, Information, Service Locations & More

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Fortress air compressors are relatively new on the air compressor scene, and people often wonder where they came from and who makes Fortress air compressors? This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, and download manuals for your Fortress compressor.

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Fortress Information

So, who makes fortress air compressors? Fortress appears to be a subsidiary of Harbor Freight, offering typically small but powerful air compressors under this brand name which boasts terrific reviews across the internet! Harbor Freight began its journey in 1977 when Eric Smidt and his father launched Harbor Freight Tools.

Now 40+ years, 1200+ stores, and over 40 million satisfied customers later, not only are they still a family-owned company, but they have stayed true to their mission, continuing to deliver an incredible assortment of quality tools to pros and DIYers alike at prices that are up to 80% less than most competitive brands.

Harbor Freight likes to expand its offerings with new brands and products across the board. You may have already heard of McGraw air compressors, one of their popular subsidiaries. Now their newest brand is Fortress.

People dub Fortress as Harbor Freight’s new premium brand of air compressors. The currently available Fortress compressors on the market boast terrific reviews from all users.

Fortress Contact Information

If you are looking for parts for your Fortress air compressors, or any help in general, the first place to start is by contacting Harbor Freight Directly :

Harbor Freight Customer Service: 1-888-866-5797
Monday-Friday, 5:00 am to 7:00 pm PST
Fax: 1-800-905-5215 or 1-805-445-4912

Write to:
Harbor Freight Customer Service
3491 Mission Oaks Blvd.,
Camarillo, CA

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can visit the customer service section of their website here, select the relevant options from the drop-down menu and leave your inquiry, and someone will get back to you ASAP!

Fortress Air Compressor Manuals

If you’re in search of a manual for your Fortress air compressor, Harbor Freight states that “If a user manual is available for an item, it will be available through the product page, located on the “User Manual” tab.”

So, a quick search of your compressor on their website and you will hopefully be able to read it online, download the manual as a PDF file, or print it out!

Fortress Air Compressors Online

Though this Fortress air compressor doesn’t appear to be available on Amazon at the time of writing, it is a great example of the type of compressors that the Fortress range is – small & powerful!

The best place to source Fortress air compressors and Fortress air compressor replacement parts is through Harbor Freight themselves. Either browsing their online catalog or popping into one of their many stores across the country will help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Here’s a YouTube review on Fortress air compressors!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What company makes fortress air compressors?

Fortress air compressors are manufactured and sold in-house by Harbor Freight.

If you have any questions about Fortress compressors, please leave a comment, below with photos if applicable, so that others can help you!

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I have Fortress 5gal 225psi air compressor. It suppose to build up pressure to 225psi then the motor turns off. My problem is it builds up pressure to 250psi and the pop out valve release pressure, it drops to 100psi and keep running. I replace the pressure control switch and still having the same problem. Is there any one who can give me some advice?

Can’t find a belt for the Fortress 56402 air compressor. It’s a Hutchinson Flextonic 8Pj599. I don’t see a way to adjust the pump or motor positions so as to use a slightly different size belt. Any ideas?

What is the replacement part or part number for a Fortress Air Compressor 6 Gal 175 PSI motor? The motor in mine needs a replacement


Well, there is no motor part, only the motor-pump assembly, and it’s not available.
Pretty common with these small compressors.
But, from the look of the motor, it may have brushes – if that’s the case maybe you don’t the whole motor. Have or can you look? Even if it doesn’t have brushes, there may be bad overload switch on it.
What’s the symptom, anyway?

When I took it apart, and cleaned the brushes, the metal between the 2 brushes was sparking. It’s just that part of the Engine I’m looking for. Cleaning the brushes didn’t help.
What happened was that I believe is that I had multiple tools running on the same extension cord ( 3 headed) and the power was being drawn from a 15A ckt. The compressor started to smoke when the power dropped. So i was thinking I could find that 1/2 of the engine and replace

Did you also clear any debris from between the commutator segments? A little emery paper to remove black spots, too. After it runs a bit it should be dark, smooth copper color.
And yeah, the cord probably contributed, at least, depending on length and gauge.


Harbor Freight.
Look up your model and see the replacement parts list.

Worked good for about 20 hours. Now if regulator is set for 40lbs it keeps running until the pop off kicks off. It doesn’t turn off when reaching set pressure

Setting the regulator to does not affect the tank pressure.
Tank pressure (which is what’s blowing the safety valve) is controlled by the pressure switch.
You might try adjusting the pressure switch, or just replace it. Hopefully under warranty.

Good luck.