Harbor Freight Compressors – Information, Manuals, Service Locations

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The house brand for Harbor Freight air compressors is the Central Pneumatic air compressor. This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Harbor Freight Information

Please see the Central Pneumatic air compressor pages for details about that specific brand of air compressor. Headquartered in Calabasas, California, which operates a chain of retail stores, as well as a mail-order and e-commerce business.

They offer a great amount of air compressors and tanks that are built to last and deliver great value.

Harbor Freight Contact Information

If you are looking for parts for your Harbor Freight air compressors, here is the first place to start:

Harbor Freight Customer Service: 1-888-866-5797
Monday thru Friday, 5:00 am to 7:00 pm PST
Fax your concern to 1-800-905-5215 or 1-805-445-4912
Write to: Harbor Freight Customer Service
3491 Mission Oaks Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93011-5034
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.harborfreight.com/

Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic Air Compressor
Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

Harbor Freight Air Compressors and Parts Available on Amazon

Harbor Freight Air Compressors Available on Amazon

Below is a Harbor Freight – Central Pneumatic 3 Gallon air compressor readily available on Amazon.

Harbor Freight Air Parts Available on Amazon

Some Harbor Freight parts are readily available on Amazon as well as their own website and these include Central Pneumatic air compressor head gasket replacement kit valve that can be bought below!

Harbor Freight Compressor Manuals

Below, you can download manuals that folks have provided to help with your Harbor Freight compressor. Click the link to download a manual to your computer. Don’t forget to save it to your computer so you have it for future use.

Harbor Freight Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

There is a long list of existing questions and answers shown below. At the end of them is a form you can use to add a new question if yours has not already been answered.

For information on Harbor Freight Compressor Oil – Choosing Oil, How Much Oil To Use & Changing Oil please visit our guide!

On the way down to post at the the end of this page, please read the existing Harbor Freight posts for an answer to your compressor problem.

If you are familiar with a Harbor Freight air compressor and have some advice on an existing post, please do so. Let other Harbor Freight air compressor users know of your experience with this brand.

Below are more pages with questions, answers and information about specific Harbor Freight air compressors problems:

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If you have any questions about Harbor Freight compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!

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My 6 gal 150 psi compressor will not generate more that 25. Psi. Lots of air coming out of a vent hole on the back

Any ideas about what the issue might be?


“Lots of air coming out of a vent hole on the back”
Could that the the drain valve? Try closing it.
Otherwise you’ll need to get the cover off to find where the air is coming from.
It’d be nice is you could supply the actual model number – there are at least four versions of 6 gallon pancakes.

Anyone know if there is a cooling fan out there that can be purchased that is compatible with the McGraw 21gal oil less compressor. I need the fan that’s bolted to the piston housing. Idk why it was broke but it was when I took it out of the box and turned it on, plastic come flying out of the damn thing. I believe the fan is part number 4 in the owners manual. I’ve already contacted harbor freight and the part is not available to purchase.


You might find a fan that will fit in the space.
But it looks like that’s an eccentric impeller.
You likely have to settle for a concentric impeller and drill your own eccentric mount hole.
Take accurate measurements before you go shopping.😎

Here is a new question. I have a Central Pneumatic 2.5 hp, 21 gallon, 125 psi, model 67847 air compressor. My oil sight glass is leaking. Where can I find a replacement. It’s made of clear threaded plastic and has a round fill full circle in the middle. It has a small crack in the threads.


Update I found a 22mm sight glass on Amazon and expect it tomorrow.

Cool. Hope it fits!

just google “sight glass 67847”
If that doesn’t get one or more that says it fits:
You’ll need to masure the diameter and threads to pick a replacement.

I have the 8 gallon McGraw 150 lb. compressor. I got to spray texture. I turned down the pressure on the compressor to 45 lbs. I have a second pressure gauge at the spray device to monitor pressure and to shut off air when not in use. The compressor runs out of air after a minute or so of use. Question. If I turn up the pressure on the compressor to maximum (circa 150 lbs) and use the device pressure gauge to regulate the pressure down to the 45 lbs needed from my use, will I get more use time… Read more »

Yes. Unfortunately the useful output of a given compressor is pretty much limited by the motor horsepower. Rule of thumb is about 3 CFM per horsepower. Your compressor is rated at 4.1 @ 90 PSI. The 8 gallon tank is approximately 1 cubic foot. The 66103, 2471, 60314 sprayer, if that’s what you have, uses 8 CFM @90 PSI. To keep the math simple, if you were to run your sprayer at 50 PSI, You’d use 2/3 of the tank air in two minutes (and the compressor would turn itself on before that). Hypothetically, if the compressor started pumping immediately… Read more »