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Kellogg American compressors have been manufactured and sold for decades. Some years ago Kellogg American was acquired by Compair air compressors.

Compair owns Kellogg, and Compair themselves are now owned by Gardner Denver. If you have a Kellogg American air compressor question or problem then, it may be worthwhile to check with Compair (see their page on this site) for information, as well as using the forum below.

Kellogg American A320 air compressor
Kellogg American A320 air compressor

As a mainstay of the garage industry, and other industrial uses, the Kellogg American compressor is still in use.

With information being difficult to find, users still have questions about troubleshooting and maintaining these venerable compressors and this page is here for that, to allow owners and users of this brand to ask questions, and for other owners and users to help out.

Have a look and answer a question if you can, or post one below.



Existing Kellogg American Compressors questions:

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I have a model 201tv pump and i am trying to get owner manual or parts diagram theres on on The garage journal but for some reason it’s not clear enough for me to view please help

I have a Kellogg American model 211, serial # 428657 that I am trying to determine how how old it is and how much pressure it should build up to. Any thoughts?

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If there’s anything welded or stamped on the tank, that gives you the upper limit. Usually about 50 PSI below that. Ballpark only.

I have an old Kellog American 201. Debating if it is worth going through a head overhaul for use as a home garage compressor. Mostly air wrenches, die grinder and cut off tool use. I take it this is a pretty small compressor for that use? Thank you!

I didn’t look into the parts situation, which may be a deal-breaker, anyway, but if;
This has about a 60 gallon tank and a 2HP motor?
Then it’s a 201 TV. There’s some info on it here:

It’s only 3.3 CFM, so it’ll have a hard time with a grinder or cut-off, unless it’s very intermittent use.

Your call.
Good luck.

Thank you for the response! There is a general head overhaul kit I see on several sites and Ebay. But I’ve not seen anything else. I’ve searched a lot. Ahh… Definitely a low CFM :-/ The tag doesn’t have the TV suffix, just “201” So, I wonder what denotes the “TV”. It has the 60 gallon horizontal tank, but the motor is only 1, or 1.5 hp. Hard to say it original I suppose. It’s all old. Hate to let the old quality built things languish, but this may not do what I need. Hmm. Well, nonetheless, thank you for… Read more »

You are welcome…
I think the TV probably means Twin Vertical, and may have only been sold as part of that unit.
The 201(no suffix) *pump* is a single cylinder pump, which runs at about half the power of this one (I think maybe half or 3/4 HP). The couple I’ve seen (pix) seem to be home-brew.
If anyone knows otherwise, do tell, please!

Odd.. This is definitely two cylinders. And yes, 201s I’ve searched appeared to be singles. Yet, the tag just says 201. Motor look OEM and is 1 or 1.5 hp.

May be a transitional piece or mis marked at the factory.. Not important. But may be interesting, to folks perusing this page for this unit. lol.

Odd it is. Where was that tag?
Maybe you could post a couple pix of the overall unit, even if the pump’s just sitting on the tank – and maybe a ruler or something for scale?