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Kellogg American compressors have been manufactured and sold for decades. Some years ago Kellogg American was acquired by Compair air compressors.

Compair owns Kellogg, and Compair themselves are now owned by Gardner Denver. If you have a Kellogg American air compressor question or problem then, it may be worthwhile to check with Compair (see their page on this site) for information, as well as using the forum below.

Kellogg American A320 air compressor
Kellogg American A320 air compressor

As a mainstay of the garage industry, and other industrial uses, the Kellogg American compressor is still in use.

With information being difficult to find, users still have questions about troubleshooting and maintaining these venerable compressors and this page is here for that, to allow owners and users of this brand to ask questions, and for other owners and users to help out.

Have a look and answer a question if you can, or post one below.



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