Compair air compressors include a broad range of air compressor types. Some of them are…

– Variable speed rotary screw compressors
– Oil-free rotary screw compressors
– Fixed speed rotary screw compressors
– Rotary vane compressors
– Reciprocating air compressors

The brand Compair is global, and has been in the compressed air, ancillary equipment for compressed air systems, and other industries – with a broad range of products – for 200 years.

In 2008 Compair itself was assimilated. They are now part of the Gardner-Denver group, making more difficult to parse an already complex web of product information and support. It must have been a real challenge for them to keep things going. The job of integrating mammoth companies like Compair and Gardner Denver must have been herculean in the details that would have to be attended to.

Some of the product brands assimilated by them over the years include the following. The about different compressor brands page on this site will have links to those that have their own pages here on

  • Le Roi
  • Holman
  • BroomWade
  • Cyclon
  • Dresser
  • Hydrovane
  • Kellogg
  • Reavell
  • Luchard
  • Mahle
  • Mako
  • DeMag
Compair Air Compressor
Compair Air Compressor

Compair Compressor Manuals
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This page is a place where Compair compressor owners and users can compare issues, offer solutions, and help other Compair air compressor owners by offering advice on their questions. It would be good if you could share your experiences with fellow Compair air compressor owners to help them resolve any compressor issues they may be having.

Compair Tip:

Recently S. Dolan wrote in on a comment, with reference to “Compair DLT1303 Hello there I have just serviced a Compair DLT1303 compressor. does anybody know how to reset the service hours please?”

He goes on to says that “I actually received a reply from Compair product support, which i was very surprised at.. He said that it automatically resets itself when it passes the due service hours. gives you a reminder 50 hours before ? so no need to do anything.”

Thanks for the tip, and thanks to all of you for visiting this page.


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