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Troubleshooting Holman Compair air compressors

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Holman Compair c20 tow behind cuts out

by kevin jones

engine cuts out when it gets to air pressure

Holman Compair C20 air compressor
Holman Compair C20 air compressor

I believe that when this tow-behind type air compressor gets to cut out pressure level, the unloader valve interconnects with the throttle, to reduce the engine RPM’s once the pressure is topped up.

If the motor is cutting right out, it could be the throttle valve needs adjusting.

That’s where I would point the mechanic.

Holman 175 mobile compressor

by taonga chidavarume
(bindura ,zimbabwe)

what should be the pressure rating for this machine,what should be done if the machine fails to deliver the rated pressure?

I have been unable to locate the specifications for the Holman Zitair 175 tow behind air compressor.

You should expect to get around 3-4 CFM of compressed air flow at 90 PSI for each HP of motor size.

In terms of what may be preventing the compressor from reaching its design discharge rate, there are many issues involved, and without specifics as to the symptoms it would be very difficult for anyone to provide guidance.

If anyone has any info on this air compressor for taonga, please post a comment here.

Holman 2301s portable road compressor

by rory
(northern ireland)

hi i have a holman 2301s road compressor..
it is a screw type pump, when you press the boost switch the “air/oil” tank relief valve opens and discharges oil

this valve opens at 8bar, im just wondering should this valve open or is there a pressure regulator which should open before this valve

it seems that the oil and air isn’t separating and the oil level rises… the oil level should be a few inches below the relief valve

Compair Holman fades out and stalls

by: Tommo (UK)

I am running a Compair Holman tow-able compressor of about 250cfm. My normal start procedure is followed where upon the pressure should sit at 100psi on tick over. The fault is now it will reach 100psi and not remain at tick over but fade out and stall.

I do a start procedure 3 times and it finally sits at 100psi but once you operate the dead man switch on the sandblasting hose it picks up in revs as it should but then fades and stalls. I then do the start procedure again and the same happens maybe 3 or 4 times until eventually it runs as it should though some times you can hear the revs fluctuating?

What could be the cause?

Please add your comment here along with photos to help others help you with your compressor and equipment problem!

By Bill Wade

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