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Welcome to the about-air-compressors.com website. So far there are 953 pages chock full of compressor information for your use on this site.

Buy using the search box or the navigation column you can zero in on any of the thousands of visitor questions, comments and answers on this site that relate to your compressor issue. Then, feel free to use the form at the bottom of almost every page to ask your own questions of other compressor owners and users as they try to resolve the issues they may be experiencing with their air compressors.

What’s here on about air compressors.com?

SITEMAP PAGE. Click this link to get a list of all the pages on about-air-compressors.com.

COMPRESSOR TROUBLESHOOTING. Click this link for a page listing common compressor problems and solutions that affect many brands of air compressors.

COMPRESSOR BRAND. Click this link for information sorted by by compressor brand and model number and for many complimentary PDF manuals for a wide range of compressor brands.

ASK QUESTIONS – GET COMPRESSOR HELP. Many of the almost 1,000 pages has a user comment area in which a question can be asked, information, images and video uploaded, and visitors can get advice from the site and from the thousands of folks that visit here regularly.

An oldie but goodie, rebuilt by a reader of about-air-compressors.com
An oldie but goodie air compressor, rebuilt by a reader of about-air-compressors.com “THIS WEBSITE ROCKS!” according to visitor David J.R.

My sincere thanks to…

Doug s.d.ca., Buster and Carl and Roger and all contributors that help others with their air compressors for 17 years now!

Some Visitor’s Comments as a result of all of your efforts…

  • Joseph D. “I’ve never on social media like Facebook or in person had genuine knowledgeable and adequate help such as this site. I’m happy I found you guys here.” referring to help provided by long-time contributor Doug in S.D.Ca
  • An anonymous contributor says “I just wanted to thank you for this info and site Bill. I looked all over for information on this part for this compressor and your site was the only useful one i could find.”
  • Jessie says to Doug… “Thanks very much for the tip. Greatly appreciated” when looking for parts for a Sanborn compressor.
  • Lorra says, “Doug, I appreciate and was impressed by your reaching out; it’s that attitude of wanting to help others that makes this a great site : ) Thank you!” For those that haven’t noticed, Doug in S.D.Ca is a frequent, long-time and knowledgeable contributor to this site.
  • David J. R. says “Thanks to Doug pointing me in the right direction! – THIS WEBSITE ROCKS!”
  • Chris says “Hey Bill thanks for your help it was the regulator, changed it out and things back to working great compressor run all my tools, thanks again”

Please read this site disclaimer, before you use any references or information found on this site. Use of the information on this website means that you have read and accept the disclaimer.

Thank you to all the questioners, the contributors and those just visiting. Please continue to ask questions and to find answers to your compressor questions here on about-air-compressors.com. We all benefit by both the questions and your welcome advice.


Bill’s experience with compressors and pneumatic systems gathered through field service calls, air systems support and as a trainer for newcomers to the fluid power industry, delivers credibility to the information provided on about-air-compressors.com