What double acting air sander(s) can I use with this Air Compressor?

I have a 30 gallon 6.0 HP ohv that runs 8.3 scfm @ 40psi and i need to know what da sander(s) i can use?

I am completing sanding a car to paint.
Thank you!


My repsonse: My immediate thought is that the  6 HP you have only produces 8.3 CFM at 40 PSI? That seems pretty low to me.

Air sander by Chicago Pneumatic
Air sander by Chicago Pneumatic

A 6 HP compressor should give you around 18-20 or so CFM at 90 PSI.

If your compressor is only putting out the flow you say, you will have a hard time running any air tool that requires a greater supply of air at 40 PSI than your compressor can provide, and many air tools prefer 80+ PSI to run properly.

You need to check the production values of the compressor and maybe tell us what the make and model is. You might even upload a photo for us all to see.

Then, check the flow requirements in CFM and PSI for the sander.

If the tool requires less than the compressor can supply, you’re good to go. If it needs more, you’re going to have a problem painting that car.

For guidance on figuring out what size compressor you need for any application or tool, see my guide on sizing an air compressor.

If you’re doing a spraying project and after sanding the car, you’ll be spraying – see my guide on sizing an air compressor for spray painting a car.

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