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CFM rating of Black Max compressor

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I’m buying a Black Max and need to know if it’s big enough?

by Matt
(Lamar mo)

Black Max Model Number B500bpl60v Swc
Black Max Model Number B500bpl60v Swc

Looking to purchase a black max the model number is B500BPL60V-SWC. It’s 375 dollars which seems fair if it’s not junk. But, might not be big enough. I need at least 12-14. Thanks.


If you know the HP of the motor, you can guesstimate that it will produce 2-4 CFM at 90 PSI for each HP. Is that close enough, or do you need the actual CFM?

I wasn’t able to find the HP of this model.

Please advise as a comment.


Sanborn B500BPL60V SCFM
by: Gearman

The Sanborn Manual that came with this compressor gives discharge rate in SCFM. It is stated as follows:
40 PSI – 12,7 SCFM
90 PSI – 10.6 SCFM

Please keep in mind that conversion of SCFM to an actual output depends on ambient air density, I.e.: relative humidity and altitude.

Additional CFM reading:

What size air compressor:

By Bill Wade

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