Air Compressors That Produce 500 CFM And Above

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Not all compressors are specified with a CFM stated, but instead are rated in terms of their power in kW or HP. This is particularly the case when working with large air compressors which are more suited to larger industrial applications where air is being supplied to an entire facility where say, manufacturing operations are underway.

So a search for “500 CFM Air Compressor” might not actually yield what you’re looking for.

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Search for Compressor Power Instead

As you’ll see when converting CFM to kW or kW to CFM for Air Compressors, 500 CFM will equate to approximately 90-125 kW (125-165 HP) of Compressor Power.

So when searching for a 500 CFM Air Compressor, it makes sense to also factor into your search you may be searching for an air compressor of 90 kW power and above.

This obviously varies by model and manufacturer and these conversions are only a rule of thumb to serve as useful quick references.

500 CFM Air Compressors Examples (and above)

Ingersoll Rand E-Series Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Ingersoll Rand are a highly reputable brand renowned the world over, if you want further Ingersoll Rand information you should take a look at the Ingersoll Rand brand page here.

The E-Series of Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors covers a range of kW and HP variants from 75-160 kW which are capable of producing 500 CFM of compressed air.

Here’s a short 2 minuted video from Ingersoll Rand explaining more about their E-Series Air Compressors that can produce more than 500 CFM.

Additional CFM reading:

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