Does a die grinder require low or high CFM?

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by Robert Surdell
(Vernon , CT)

I am buying a Die grinder. Which CFM grinder should I go with?

The 2.2 CFM or the 4 CFM?

Or, which is better, a low CFM or High CFM? What are the advantages to each. Thank you

The flow of air to the tool has to be sufficient to rotate the vanes, in other words operate, the air tool.

Die grinder by Ingersoll Rand
Die grinder by Ingersoll Rand

It is logical to me, then, that a die grinder that demands a higher flow, will have more torque and have larger vanes.

Yet, it is the pressure of the air that provides the work.

An air tool that runs with a minimum operating pressure of 50 PSI, for example, will likely have less force on the grinder than the same type of air tool with an 80 PSI MOP.

In your shoes, I would opt for the one that runs at the higher pressure and make sure that I had an air compressor that can deliver the flow the grinder needs at it’s minimum operating pressure.

Additional CFM reading:

What size air compressor:

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