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Compressed Air How To! This page is here because I appreciate all the questions about compressed air that visitors are asking on this site, with many of those questions being “compressed air how to” type. How to do this, and how to do that on air compressors.

If one of the questions doesn’t fall within any other category, and it’s about how to do something, this is where it ends up.

To help you find answers to your own compressed air “how-to’s” here’s a list of the popular and frequently asked questions.

Compressed air lubricator
Compressed air lubricator

If you don’t see your question or an answer to your own compressed air how to it, feel free to ask it via the form at the bottom of the page.

How To….

…adjust an air line lubricator

…blow out sprinkler lines

…buy a compressor pressure switch

…buy a compressor motor thermal reset switch

…buy a replacement compressor tank check valve

…change compressor oil?

…change compressor motor voltage

…connect an air line (hose or tube) to the compressor

deal with compressor generated water

…drain the compressor tank

draw a 5/2 style air valve

dismount a scored crank on a Craftsman compressor

…get portable air for a brad nailer tank

…figure out the time to fill an air tank

…install wan extra air tank

…make your own compressor reed valves

…make your own can crusher

…put a drain valve on a compressor tank

…plumb a ball filler

plumbing a second air compressor

replace a broken air intake filter

…use SCUBA tank to run air tools

using a compressor as an air tank

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Can I put a 3 hp motor on a energair1 compressor

With the right pulleys, yes.

Hi Bill. I an an energy researcher. I am 65 years old. Not a young fella. My father was a steam fitter in the US. One of the things he explained to me was the value of compressed air. I went on to study electronics engineering, and compressed air has entered the picture in regard to electrical energy. Using compressed air as an energy storage source, I have found a much better efficiency then water turbines. There is a very high amount of waste in hydro systems due to accelerated mass. A loss over 85% at best to be exact!… Read more »

Tim, I’ve moved your post to the “Compressed Air How To” page in the hope that someone is able to help with your question. Your concept about compressed air energy generation is very interesting. Unfortunately, I too lack the wherewithal to investigate, plus, I’ve a few years on you, Tim. 🙂 Good luck with responders.

“How do I compute the displacement of ambient air to a 1000 PSI pressure?” The storage volume for a compressed gas can be calculated by using Boyle’s Law pa Va = pc Vc = constant         (1)                where pa = atmospheric pressure (14.7 psia, 101.325 kPa) Va = volume of the gas at atmospheric pressure (cubic feet, m3) pc = pressure after compression (psi, kPa) Vc = volume of gas after compression (cubic feet, m3) Volume of free gas in a Storage Volume The amount of free gas at atmospheric pressure in a given volume – like a cylinder storage –… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

There it is! A blast from the past Boyle’s law! I knew of the compression state in general, but not specific! Thanks Doug!!

You’re welcome.

Thanks Bill!?

Is it possible to convert a Speedaire 4B242A tankless compressor used for fire sprinkler to a tank? The compressor max is 40 psi and this is not enough pressure to run hand tools.

Grainger was unable to recommend a solution.

That unit has a 2WGX7 pump, rated for 135 psi max. and a two or three HP motor.
So yeah, you can put a tank on it, and probably replace the pressure switch, unless the pressure switch can be majorly adjusted upward.

I feel really stupid for asking and would greatly appreciate any help. Around 2 years ago, the local State university forced me to quickly sell them my home. At the same time, my mother had another mini stroke and no longer knew who I was. Long story short, I don’t remember how to hook to power my circa 1998 DeVilbiss 6hp 60gal #IR6E60VAD. I would of sworn it ran off a double 20 amp, but the motor diagram shows it as a 15 amp one lead black, one lead white and a ground. The plug itself has two horizontal blades… Read more »

Interesting. Please send pix of motor label. The manual says it’s 240V @ 20A. 15A might work.

Two horizontal blades are for 220-240 volts, old style, but OK.

What you want is the black to one breaker of a pair (as you recall) and the white (normally neutral) to the other pole of the breaker. And of course, the green to safety Ground, not to be confused with Neutral (white on 120V).

Increase air pressure?

Greater than that the compressor can generate, or increase the outlet pressure to the air tool? Also, please identify the make and model of compressor.