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Compressed Air How To! This page is here because I appreciate all the questions about compressed air that visitors are asking on this site, with many of those questions being “compressed air how to” type. How to do this, and how to do that on air compressors.

If  one of the questions doesn’t fall within any other category, and it’s about how to do something, this is where it ends up.

To help you find answers to your own compressed air “how-to’s” here’s a list of the popular and frequently asked questions.

Air line lubricator
Air line lubricator – how many drip per minute of oil is right?

If you don’t see your question or an answer to your own compressed air how to it, feel free to ask it via the form at the bottom of the page.

How To….

…adjust an air line lubricator

…blow out sprinkler lines

…buy a compressor pressure switch

…buy a compressor motor thermal reset switch

…buy a replacement compressor tank check valve

…change compressor oil?

…change compressor motor voltage

…connect an air line (hose or tube) to the compressor

deal with compressor generated water

…drain the compressor tank

draw a 5/2 style air valve

dismount a scored crank on a Craftsman compressor

…get portable air for a brad nailer tank

…figure out the time to fill an air tank

…install wan extra air tank

…make your own compressor reed valves

…make your own can crusher

…put a drain valve on a compressor tank

…plumb a ball filler

plumbing a second air compressor

replace a broken air intake filter

…use SCUBA tank to run air tools

using a compressor as an air tank