by macolm powell
(mount dora Fl)

I need information on plumbing a second air compressor in line at my shop. One is a 6 hp, the other is a 5 hp.


Hi Malcolm:

Adding a second compressor is a good way to back up the main, and to help ensure lots of air when the shop outstrips the capacity of the one compressor to supply compressed air.

What some folks will do is adjust the pressure switch to allow one compressor to start first, and only when it’s incapable of keeping up, having the second start at a lower pressure level than the first.

Both compressor discharges can be plumbed into one line. You will want to put a check valve in the outflow line of each air compressor before they tee together into the main, to stop air from flowing from the running compressor into the stopped one, and out the unloader valve.

Hope this helps. Check out the plumbing pages on this site for more detailed info about hooking up compressors.

Tell us how successful you were, would you, and maybe ad a pic or two?

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