Help Identifying old Pump for Parts

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by Jordan Siwicki
(Rochester NY USA)

Hi. I have searched and searched and searched and cant seem to find anything of this pump on the internet.

It has a small “rod knock” when it first turns on, but after a second of running and pressure is built up in the head it goes away.

I would like to repair it as that is not good in the long run.

We recently bought this used a month or so ago and have no information on it. It is an old(1964 was told from Grainger) Speedaire Compressor. I have called Grainger and talked to a few tech’s, and all 3 have determined that the pump has been replaced along with the belt cage which is Blue and Speedaire products are always Speedaire Green.

The pump has NO information on it. The sticker or DATA plate has been removed, I assume there was one because I found a spot where it may have been. So I don’t think any info from the Compressor assemble would help or not.

It is a 10HP motor that runs this.

The diameter of the flywheel on the pump is 18 1/2″.

There are 2 casting numbers found on the pump. One is on the lower part of the head below the air filter 81300, the other being on the exhaust manifold 80999.

I will have a picture of the whole compressor. One of the front of the compressor to show the piping behind the flywheel which seems to be very distinct and I think it may be a specific manufacturer that does this. One of the back where i think the name would be. And one of the right side from above the motor. I hope this is enough info, and the that the pictures are enough. i can attach more that I have or take more if we need a specific view. Thank you in advance.


by: Anonymous

It’s an Italian pump made by Ceccato. They used to be a CompAir brand. They are very simple but seem to last pretty good for what they are. I don’t know where you might find parts for them nowadays, but I’m sure they are laying on a shelf somewhere.


That’s It!
by: Jordan

Thank you so much!

I looked up this brand, and they look identical to what i have! Now I’m still going to look for a rebuild kit or parts or whatever i can find.

The pump is still running very well, still has the knock at start up, but hasn’t seem to have gotten any worse.

Again, thank you so much! Now I have a direction i can look for parts!




Jordan, the original images went missing. If you get a chance, would you please add them below in a comment? Thank you.

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What Do I have here I have the info off of the tank

Here is the info off the plate off the tank

What’s the motor?

Not sure, but it is 1 HP, think its off of something else.

Looks like one of those made in Mexico Kelloggs. Not sure what the model number is.

Please help me I’d what this compressor was used for and what year it was made

Possibly this.

You are good!! Much appreciated!!

You’re welcome.

Picked up an old Sears vertical 60 gal compressor and broke it in transport. Need help identifying it in hopes of repair. Pump says “Made it Italy” in tiny print on one side. “1 85 P” on the other. That is all I can find. Help is much appreciated.

I can guess what it is, but can you put up pix of what broke off?

Here is what broke off. Transfer tube from first cylinder to second. Appears to be the inter-cooler assembly.

That looks a lot like what Rolair calls a PMP22K28CH.
I don’t think they actually make the pump, which may be Fiac, Fini, or ABAC. The distinguishing feature is the length of the inter-cooler that broke off. You might try asking them where/who makes their pump.

You can paw thru the list of sears parts here:

I looked at a bunch but didn’t find yours.

Sorry, that’s all I got for now. Maybe a light will come on later…

This looks like an old Chinook compressor. They were sold by many manufacturers over the years, like Rolair. in Canada they were sold as Techquip compressors. If it was mine and I couldn’t get parts, I’d remake those flanges out of aluminum, tap them for 3/4″ NPT and screw in some 90 degree Swagelock fittings and bend a new intercooler out of copper tubing. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sears would still be the best place to look for this part. Alternately, I don’t think this would be a very difficult or expensive repair for any decent welding shop. If… Read more »