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Porter Cable 150 PSI pancake compressor runs and runs

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by Scott Enck
(New Ringgold Pa. USA)


Hope I am not being redundant.

Had trouble finding my way through the questions.

I have a almost brand new Porter Cable 150 PSI pancake air compressor.

Porter Cable 6 gallon air compressor
Porter Cable 6 gallon air compressor

It will only make 100 PSI and keep on running till the cows come home, but only make 100 PSI.

I had a leak which I fixed. I also put in a new rebuild kit in the compressor which included new reeds. To no avail.

Should I park the thing behind my backhoe and forget I put it there?

Thanks much.


Scott, if you read the troubleshooting section and followed the link to the page about why air compressors run and don’t build pressure, much of what you need to check is noted there and without knowing what has been checked it’s hard to offer a specific response to your compressor complaint and there’s not much point in retyping everything that’s already on this site for your use.

If you read the Porter Cable forum page, you will have found many, many references to this type of air compressor problem too.

That your Porter Cable air compressor runs and does not build pressure is not unusual. That seems to be a common problem for many brands of lower cost air compressors.

You say you put in a rebuild kit? Did that kit include gaskets as well?

Please advise.

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By Bill Wade

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