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Based on the comments and questions on this site about why Porter Cable pancake compressors will not build pressure, it’s an ongoing problem. Here are a few more.

If you have your own about a Porter Cable pancake style air compressor that won’t build pressure any more, you can post it at the end of this page and get some help.

Porter Cable 6 gal pancake compressor wont build pressure

by Frank
(Ottawa Ontario Canada )

Porter Cable pancake tank air compressor

Hi my porter cable 6 gal pancake compressor type 2 only builds to 40 psi and won’t shut off , any suggestions ? thanks.


by Joe Picard
(Burkburnett, Tx)


I have a Porter Cable 25 Gal upright 135 PSI Model # CPF 6025UP.

Motor runs great, pulling air thru inlet but no pressure at all. Checked all plumbing no leaks. I really can’t figure this one out. Ant ideas ?


Hello Joe.

You’ve ruled out the valve issue by checking that the intake port is actually drawing in air and not blowing it back out. That suggests that valve is fine.

Do the same for the line that goes to the tank from the pump head, and be sure that air is being pumped out strongly. Try to stop it with a gloved finger. You shouldn’t be able to.

If there are no leaks, all other things being good on your air compressor as they seem to be, my guess would be a gasket failure under pressure inside the pump.



Porter Cable air pressure will not build past 60 psi

by ryan
(calgary )

the tank air pressure will not build past 60 psi, and the regulated pressure will not go past 60 as well. bought the tank new ran for 2 years.. 5 days a week. i am thinking piston ring,

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