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by Clarence McMahan
(Strafford, MO USA)

I have a porter cable 6-gallon pancake compressor c2002.

As I’m using the tank, most of the time it works fine, kicking on at 120 lbs. and off at 150 lbs. But, sometimes it will kick on at 120 lbs. and off at 125 lbs., and keep cycling like that till I turn it off and dump some pressure (say to 90 lbs.), then the compressor will start cycling normal again, only to start that short cycling again later on.

Got any ideas??

Porter Cable C2002 model air compressor
Porter Cable C2002 model air compressor


C2002 short cycle
by: Doug in s.d.ca

This is a new one…

It’s likely a flakey pressure switch, which is a two-wire thing straight into the tank.

But before you change it, have you actually drained the tank of water?

If not, do that and retest.

If you did, then pull the cover and remove the pressure switch. If it’s not dry, let it dry and then re-install. Retest.

If you’re lucky it’ll be working now. If not, replace the pressure switch.

Let us know how it turned out?

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