New Cable Porter 6-Gal tank drain leaking air

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by JLR
(Honolulu Hawaii)

I searched around and couldn’t find the specific answer.

I bought a brand new Cable Porter 6 Gal 150psi compressor and read the directions repeatedly.

Porter Cable 6 gallon air compressor
Porter Cable 6 gallon air compressor

Upon start up the drain valve on the bottom of the unit hisses air out continuously, not allowing any pressure to build up.

I checked and the valve is screwed in tight into the unit.

I also let it “break in” for 10 minutes hoping it would resolve itself but it didn’t.

Did I buy a dud or am I missing something? It is very loud and noisy and no pressure will build up even when I turn the regulator valve up to build pressure.
JLR, turning the regulator valve has no effect on the operation of your air compressor. See the page on regulators for details.

It seems that tank drain valves sometimes need to be opened to shut them. You may have to turn the drain valve in an opposite way from what you may experience as the norm.

Try this.

If this doesn’t make any change then I would surmise that you have debris stuck in the drain valve inside the tank and you may not be able to dislodge it.

If turning the drain valve both ways does not ultimately shut the tank drain, pull the plug and take it back. You’ve got a bum one, in my opinion.


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