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by bob banas
(lockport, ny.)

It’s a porter cable pancake compressor. 135 psi 2.6scfm @90psi 2hp 6 gal.

Porter Cable Pancake Style Air Compressor
Porter Cable Pancake Style Air Compressor

It keeps blowing rubber air line from compressor to tank.

It heats up and blows the line cause it gets too hot. Why?


Blowing Air line from pump to tank
by: Bill

If you were making an air compressor to sell for $100 or $150 you’d need to use cheap parts.

The line from the pump to the tank is one such. Rated for elevated temperatures, it obviously does not have the heat resistance to withstand your compressed air temperatures.

I always recommend that, if you are having problems with this air line, swap it out for soft copper tubing available, with fittings, from a good plumbing shop.

As to why the air leaving your pump to the tank is so hot, could be a number of reasons. If you are using the air compressor for extended periods of time, exceeding the duty cycle of that air compressor, then it will get too hot.

If your power supply is hampered by an extension cord, the motor will overheat, heat up the pump, and add heat to the air.

Using your Porter Cable outside in the hot sun will add to the heat load.

Running the compressor while it is overheated will damage components and lead to sooner rather than later maintenance work.

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