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The Porter Cable compressor tank is full but I can’t get air to come out? This was posted by Ron back in mid-2019.

Doug from s.d.ca responded almost immediately. Ron, An actual model number of the Porter Cable compressor would be helpful.

You probably have two gauges on your compressor – one is for the tank pressure and another, on or just after the regulator, displays the pressure setting on the regulator. Do you get pressure displaying at that regulator gauge? Is that what you mean when you say “the tank is full?”.

If so, you should have air out the hose. If there is no reading on the regulator gauge, and if air pressure is displayed on the tank pressure gauge, then it’s a pretty good bet that the regulator has failed, and it’s time to replace it.

If there is air pressure displaying on the regulator gauge and still no air is coming out, then there may be an issue of a mis-matched coupler and connector used on the air line.

Maybe you could add some pix of your gauges and your connectors? And your model number, if you have it. Thanks.

Porter Cable Pancake Tank Air Compressor
Porter Cable Pancake Tank Air Compressor


Ron never did respond to the offers of help, or add a photo of the compressor in question. I’ve added a pic of a Porter Cable air compressor which is possibly, heck, ever likely, close to what Ron has.

The issue with no air coming out the hose is an actual page on this site, and it covers things like;

Mis-matched coupler / connector

Using the example photo, above the “brass” coupler, displayed lower right and between the pump and the tank, is what I call the discharge coupler. This is what Doug is referring to when he says “there may be an issue of a mis-matched coupler and connector used on the air line”.

Couplers are designed by the company that built them, and no, not all couplers can fit every connector and vice versa.

Compressed Air Connectors
Compressed Air Connectors

Thought all connectors (almost all) will insert into any coupler, if they aren’t designed to use that specific connector, the connector may not open the internal check, and air cannot flow.

Test this by carefully, wearing gloves, insert a wooden pick to push on the back of the coupler interior. That should push the check off seat, and allow air to flow out the coupler.

If that happens either the connector is not inserted correctly or the connector is a wrong match for that coupler.

If the coupler connection is correct, air can flow out of the coupler into the connector, then it’s an issue with the hose. Here’s more information about why no air comes out of the compressor hose.