150 PSI Porter Cable compressor doesn’t stop

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by marcell

Porter Cable is running, will not stop, i have to turn off to stop.

Two kinds of compressor pressure switches
Two kinds of compressor pressure switches

plz halp,,

Hello Marcell.

From the sounds of it, I think you either have a pressure switch issue or your pump is unable to fill the tank to the pressure level needed to cut out the power from the pressure switch.

We all need a bit more information to better diagnose your Porter Cable compressor problem.

Please tell me what pressure the tank gets to and stops, or if the pressure builds until the PRV cracks open?

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I have a Porter Cable C2002 compressor. It was working fine until it started blowing the PRV right at 150 psi. I suspected the pressure switch and replaced it. However that didn’t solve the problem. It still blows the PRV at ~150 psi. I was hesitant to even buy a the switch but I did. What else could it be? Update: Figured it out. All along it was the PRV releasing too soon. I removed it and cleaned with solvent and then sprayed with lubricating oil so it really moved freely. Boy, as soon as you google “C2002 not shutting… Read more »

Yup. Live and learn.
Glad to hear you figured it out.
Thanks for letting us know about your experience.

my Portable cable builds up air 150 PSI, it use too shut off when it did, now the valve pops open and releases all the air whats the issue here i mis-placed my owners manual

If the compressor normally shuts off at 150 PSI and now the PRV is cracking open and dumping the air before the tank gets, or just gets, to that pressure, the PRV is suspect. Dump all the air, remove the PRV, rinse in solvent, let dry, reinstall, and if it DOES NOT open at 150 PSI (or whatever the normal cut out is) you may have solved the problem. However, if the tank pressure gets by the normal cut out by 10 PSI, pull on the PRV ring to dump the air, cycle the PRV manually a few times, start… Read more »

I just replies the switch pressure , it’s don’t fix the problem . The
Compressor stay don’t stop

What is the tank pressure getting to?
It won’t stop *trying* until it gets to cut-out pressure, as indicated on a sticker or in the manual. 150 psi give or take maybe 5 psi if you’re in the right page.
Can you give us your model number?