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Porter Cable C2002 oil free air compressor
Porter Cable C2002 oil free air compressor

Bought 4 years ago, used maybe 6-8 times. Not enough to say I’m familiar with it.

(1)i know oil less is not a ‘real’ compressor, but it suited my space and use requirements when I bought it.

I’m trying to figure out exactly how it is supposed to work.

I thought I knew, but it isn’t working that way.

(2)I believe you plug the compressor in, turn it on and let it run up to whatever pressure. (It is supposed to be 150 PSI, I don’t think I’ve ever had it over 100 though).

So I run it to 100, set the regulator to 70 (which is what I need for the air eraser I’m using)and turn it back on.

(3)I thought I remembered that you leave it on, and when the pressure in the tank drops below 70, the compressor would kick on and bring it back up to 70.

Not happening. It just keeps running constantly, whether the tank pressure is higher or lower than the regulator pressure. The only way to shut it off is to manually shut off the power button.

Do I have a faulty regulator or???

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!

Herb, I added some numbers to your text rather than retyping all of what you entered and answers to the numbered questions are below.

(1) Oil less air compressors are very much real compressors.

(2) Yes, this is how they are supposed to work.

(3) No. That’s not it.

The specs for your compressor are:

Cut-Out Max: 150 psi
Tank Size: 6 gal
Cut-In Restart: 120 psi
Air Delivery @ 40 PSI ISO1217: 3.5 scfm
Air Delivery @ 90 PSI ISO1217: 2.6 scfm

Your air compressor should turn on, should run up to 150 PSI in the tank, and should turn back on when the tank pressure drops to 120 PSI, regardless of what you have dialed in on your regulator.

See the regulator page on this site for a better understanding of what they do.

If your air compressor only gets to 100 PSI in the tank when you are not using air and keeps running, your compressor is sick. See the troubleshooting page about air compressors that run but don’t build pressure for some tips and things to check.

If you are using air while the compressor is running and your air pressure doesn’t rise to the normal cut out, you are using more air than the compressor can deliver. See the delivery specs above and check to see if they are greater or lesser than the air demand of your air eraser.

And… another post – When i use air Porter Cable compressor hardly lets out any air

by Dwaine Schaub
(Cape Coral, Fl)

I have a cfnbns 6 gal, the tank pressure builds up and the outlet gauge shows up to shut off, but when i use air it hardly lets out any and then sometime builds up air slowly or not at all.

Can not seem to find online parts manual so can’t get part if it is the regulator.

Can you help?

Hello Dwaine. Please see his page about no air out of hose. There are some things there you can check.

When you have done so, add a comment here with your findings, if you wish, particularly if you haven’t solved the compressor problem.

Comment? Question? Please add it here with photos of the compressor in question. This will help others help you.