Campbell Hausfeld VT619503AJ makes squealing sound

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My VT619503AJ makes a high-pitched squealing sound – help!

by Vicki

CH 6 hp 60 gallon, under 10 years old, Model VT619503AJ. Have two of them, bought at same time. One (I’ll call “A”) has been mostly idle in barn, used to pump tractor/ATV tires occasionally.

Campbell Hausfeld VT6195 air compressor
A new Campbell Hausfeld VT6195 air compressor

The other (“B”) has been used almost daily. We recently relocated A.

It had had some ‘dirt dauber’ nests in it, which were cleaned out. It would run, but wouldn’t fill the tank (husband said something about ‘blow by’???).

So, he took off the compressor from B, which had been running fine, and put it on there. B worked for about a week or so, but now it, too, won’t work. It makes a high-pitched squealing sound. HELP!!!!!


Offhand I’d say that the pump has a gasket leak.

Can you tell at what pressure the squealing starts?

If the compressor is let run on, does it fill to cut out and stop?

Does the squealing stop at any pressure point after it starts?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, I still suspect a gasket is letting go, but before getting a repair kit and rebuilding it again, let us know what you discovered regarding these questions, OK?

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