I have an over heating Campbell Hausfeld air compressor?

by Fred Parisek

When running my compressor for an extended period of time compressor overheats. Say shooting paint or using air tools.

After a period of time of running the compressor shuts down.

I have to wait for about 30 min before it allows me to restart it.

Do I need to replace something inside the motor and or a regulator?


It would be good to know the model of Campbell Hausfeld air compressor we are dealing with, first of all.

However, what you need to do is check and see what rating your compressors has as it relates to duty cycle. Based on our symptom you may be running the compressor to the point of overheating, and in order to protect itself, a thermal cut out engages and the compressor shuts down to cool.

With the absence of info on model, HP, tank size etc. to corroborate this, my gut feel is that your air compressor may be just too small for the work you want it to do.

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