by Mike Cestare
(Manorville, NY)

WL610001AJ Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor won’t shut off. I used to turn the the regulator adjustment knob as it reached 100psi and then it would shut down ( I think it is called a regulator adjustment knob), and the unit would turn off and turn back on as I used my tools.

Campbell Hausfeld - pump and motor from a WL651000J air compressor
Campbell Hausfeld – pump and motor from a WL651000J air compressor

Now it just keeps running. it builds pressure fine, but no matter which way I turn the regulator knob, it just keeps running. I only allow it to get to 110 psi as it states it is 125 psi maximum.

The other thing I notice is that after it gets to say 11psi and i pull the plug, and release some air pressure (say down to 80psi), and then go to plug it in again, instead of running, it sounds like to motor is bound up and just huns and the lights in the garage on the same circuit dim as though the breaker is about to trip. I noticed that there seems to be a release valve that connects from the pressure switch to the tank, and if I manually push the switch it releases a little air and then if I plug it in, it starts right up again.

Do I have two separate issues??

Any help is appreciated.



Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor issues
by: Bill

Yeah Mike, it sounds like you’ve got a few things going on with your Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor.

First off, read the page on this site about pressure switches. These are the devices that control the on/off of your air compressor, not the air regulator. Adjusting the air regulator will do nothing for the turn on or turn off of any air compressor.

Please read the page on air regulators too to get a better understanding of how they work. This will give you a good grounding on this important piece of compressor equipment.

As to the lugging on start up, that’s probably covered by the information on the unloader valve page, so have a look at that. If the unloader isn’t working there’s additional load on the motor, and it may not be able to overcome that to start or run properly.

If the unloader is OK, and nothing is new in the power supply to the compressor, it’s time to check the motor capacitor(s). There’s a page on this site to explain how to do that.

Then, if you’re still not sure, the troubleshooting page on why air compressors won’t start will give you some more things to check.

When you’re done, post a comment here telling us what you found please.