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by dave
(chester , ns, canada)

My ch powerpal is acting up. serial number-03199oh-022027. It is slow to build pressure in regulator. this snag just started after a long lay off, but does eventually.

Campbell Hausfeld PowerPal air compressor
Campbell Hausfeld PowerPal air compressor

it does not sound normal.

it gets hot.

i think it’s oilless, but, not sure.

i can’t locate the owner’s manual. my question is:
could it be requiring oil? can’t see a view port.

thnx, dave

Campbell Hausfeld Powerpal
by: Bill

None of the Powerpal compressors I was able to find on line require added oil, but I cannot be sure about yours as your PowerPal model number is not provided, and the serial number you include doesn’t register on any of my search engines, Dave.

The troubleshooting pages on this site will likely help explain why the compressor is taking a long time to build pressure, and on yours, I’m thinking it’s a seal failure. Have a look at the troubleshooting pages, and add a comment here telling us what you found, if you will.

That the compressor runs on and on leads to overheating and the compressor sometimes shutting down on thermal cut out so avoid running it for long periods if you can.