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My Campbell Hausfeld runs slowly then trips stops and trips breaker
by: long

But when i removed the belt, the motor runs without tripping the circuit breaker. would this still be a starter capacitor problem? if so, please explain. thanks.


VT623300AJ Tripping breaker
by: Bill

Your motor may have two capacitors, or one that does both jobs – start and run.

If either is failing the motor will run hot if it starts.

The motor itself may be suspect.

One check to try and determine what has failed is to check the capacitors to take them out of the equation. See that page on this site for help in so doing.

By disconnecting the motor from any load, you reduce the inrush necessary to start the motor, and it runs. Add the belt, you increase the load, and motor cannot start against it as, I suspect, the start capacitor cannot deliver the added power to get the motor going.


VT623300AJ Tripping breaker (solved!)
by: long

Thanks bill! i replaced the starter capacitor and all is well again.


VT623300AJ Tripping breaker (solved!)
by: Bill


Glad to hear it!

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