Where to buy parts CP # 95275 compressor

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Where can I buy parts for CP 95275 compressor, asks Fred from Pa?


Fred, this compressor is still available new from Harbor Freight, so it looks like the after-market parts vendors haven’t begun building inventories of some of the spares needed, if, in fact, any ever do.

Central Pneumatic 95275 Air Compressor
Central Pneumatic 95275 Air Compressor

What parts are you looking for, please?

Depending on what they are, you can either use parts from other vendors, parts from other Harbor Freight air compressors, or in some cases, make your own.

Knowing what parts you are after will help others help you find them.


Our little 95275 compressor got slower and slower to build up pressure until it finally stopped. The motor runs fine. And you can hear the compressor trying to work. We took it apart and found that the “ring” on the piston was worn half away, comments Ray S.

Where can I purchase a ring this size? It’s about 1/4 inch wide, or a little less. It is split at one point to allow it to fit over the piston. Am awaiting your reply. Ray


Ray, as indicated in an earlier post, this compressor is still available from HF. Parts for it are not in the parts chain right now, and in fact, may never be!

Why? Because right now you can buy the whole air compressor new from HF for $59.99.

So, it were me, I’d buy a new one, and keep the old one for spares.

I doubt you’ll be able to buy the part for less than $10-15 and maybe more. Buy the whole compressor. It will probably be cheaper and then you’ll have a bunch of spare parts when the new one starts to fail, as it will.


I have tried numerous times to get parts for Harbor Freight products. It is impossible. Only buy their products if you are ready to throw it away and buy another one, this suggestion from an Anonymous visitor.


Not being able to acquire parts is not unusual comment about this brand, and the critique is certainly valid.

On the other hand the Central Pneumatic 95275 Air Compressor is currently on sale at Harbor Freight for $39.99 (March 2019) and one would be hard pressed to buy parts for this compressor should they be available for a lot less than the cost of the new, whole compressor.

Nor should it be a surprise that parts aren’t available for this presumably throw away compressor.

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I need piston ring set, both orings on piston are shot

It’s a 95275?
The parts list gives o-ring sizes. Look for the size.

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I need the same thing and my compressor has barely been used . So far no luck everyone keeps saying buy a new one but I just bought and new on-off switch and a new fan , this is the problem everything is made in China and most of what we buy is JUNK . I bought this for light-duty work and now that it is out of warranty it takes a crap , my friend has a very old Sears light-duty compressor and its still going WTF happened to Made in America ?

Maybe this will help for our disposable junk compressors ?

Don. Thank you for your valued input. The link to the commercial sources for the manuals you refer to in a number of posts have been removed, as a simple search will bring folks to those pages and the same link doesn’t need to be repeated on this site that tries to bring no-charge manuals to compressor owners. If you have a manual that isn’t already on this page for a complementary download, please upload it via a comment and the manual will be made available to all at no charge. Thank you.

My problem is this damn piece of shit only worked one time. Must have broken when I shot my last nail on shed project. When I pulled it out to use for another project I discovered the reed valve had broken but since it had been stored for some time the warranty had expired. To say they are only $39 so just buy another one is bullshit. I didn’t get $39 worth of use out of it. I expect a product to last longer than one use. Will be investing in a good name brand that will last.

Your feelings about the inadequacy of your cheap compressor are clear. Please understand that the persons on this site are not employees of CP or any other compressor company, so please don’t dis free advice. Use it, or not, that’s your call. Thank you. Moderator.

I got suckered also by Harbour Freight and their Made in China JUNK , like the old saying goes “you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig” . The reed valve is still good on mine but all of the “O-RINGS” around the piston have gone the way of the last unicorn they are all gone

Compressor 95275 – I need the rubber spacer inside the output regulator which would cost about 1 cent to make a 100. Not about to spend 40.00 to by buying another compressor just like it. A rebuild kit would solve this but like a previous poster said. Your buying a throw away tool and Harbor Freight could care less about servicing the customer with parts they know will wear out. If I can find a similar style regulator used by a competitor that actually cares to sell replacement parts then I will repair this unit. Unfortunately Harbor Freight will not… Read more »

I should sell you my Regulators and the guy who posted above this my piston and use the money to buy another throw-away compressor . I just was going over everything after only getting 40 PSI then it dropped to 10 PSI , everything is good or rebuilt on it except for the piston gasket , ( whatever happened to metal piston “rings” ) ?

[ whatever happened to metal piston “rings”]
Never used on any oil-less pump I’ve ever heard of.
They’re still on oil-bath compressors.