Parts for a central pneumatic 38898 pancake compressor?

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by steve houle

Looking for rebuild kit for central pneumatic 38898 pancake compressor Rebuild Kit SKU 27349 but harbor freight doesn’t sell them any more.

The pump only goes to 50 psi and after reading your trouble shooting guide i believe i need a valve and gasket Rebuild Kit SKU 27349 for my compressor, harbor freight don’t sell them anymore, but their new model looks similar but not sure.

Where do i go to look know? Thanks

Central Pneumatic air compressor model 33898
Central Pneumatic air compressor model 33898


Steve, boy, that’s a tough one, and a problem that is a regular one with all the big box store air compressors. They either don’t have parts, or the person at the store sometimes wouldn’t know an air compressor if it jumped off the shelf and bit them!

I know HF does not offer the compressor any more, but if you have not done so already, do contact their service department to see if they can offer an alternative parts kit: For technical questions and replacement parts, please call 1-800-444-3353.

There are postings on this site about how some enterprising folks have used a paint scraper blade to fashion new valves and others about how to source and make gaskets from high heat gasket material.

Let us know how it goes, will you, and sorry I cannot point you to a kit! Can anyone else help?

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