Get fuse for Model 97080

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I need a fuse for Central Pneumatic Model 97080 / unable locate replacement glass fuse / are they available?

The fuse on my 3 gal hot dog CP compressor blew and I am finding difficult to locate a replacement. It is a 3amp 250V miniature fuse (slow blow)

Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight small portable air compressor
Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight small portable air compressor


I’m not sure why you are having a problem finding this fuse for your Central Pneumatic air compressor.

A slow blow fuse is a slow blow fuse, and when I Googled “buy a 250V 3A slow blow fuse” I found a number of sources.

It doesn’t matter to the compressor where you buy the fuse as long as it’s the same rating and fits the fuse holder.


97080 fuse, not as easy as you think!

by: Anonymous

You would think it would be an easy find and trust me I have been to Auto parts, hardware,an electrical specialty store and yes Google. Everything ends up too big or fast blow. I was just throwing this out there to see if anyone else has gone through this and had any specific luck finding a source to replace them.


Does this one not suit?×20-3-15amp-gmc-slow-blow-mini-slow-blow.html

If not, publish the dimensions of your existing fuse, please.

Don’t buy Central Pneumatic – no parts including fuses

by: Anonymous

This is my second air compressor bought from Harbor Freight Tools. The first one, the gauge started to leak. I called about replacement parts and was told it was on back order and they would contact me when it was available. Months went by, the ending result, they changed it from back order to not available. Finally, I used silicone to seal, thankfully, it worked.

Then the regulator valve took a poop. I, of course, called the company, who told me straight up, they did not have part and it was discontinued. I tried to locate on internet but eventually it became more of a problem than its worth.

I bought the 97080. The fuse blew and they do not stock, no one stocks and the company says find it on line. I have not been successful yet. I would just say not to buy their products. Stick with tried and true companies.

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I replaced the fuse 2 times and it keeps blowing out why?

Are you using slow blow fuses?

If yes, then try going to and scroll down to “Fuses or breakers popping”.
If you find the problem, please let us know about it.

If you still need guidance, come back, tell us what you checked, and we’ll see if we can figure it out.

Change the fuse holder to something more common.

I found them at Lowe’s however I put it in & nothing ?

i’m having the same issue with my 3 gallons pancake. the ones i found are either too small or too big.

I have the same problem I looked at 6 different stores for this fuse and nothing . It’s very stressful.

Jameco doesn’t have it?

I found the fuses at ace hardware, the compressor keeps blowing them?

Dario, it’s a slow-blowing (delay) fuse – is that what you got?
And when does it blow? Does it make any noise? What’s it sound like? For how long?