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by Pat
(Murrieta, CA)

My Central Pneumatic compressor (60637) blew a fuse.

Central Pneumatic 60637 pancake style air compressor
Central Pneumatic 60637 pancake style air compressor

It’s a 3 amp and I think it’s a slo blo but I don’t know the type (littelfuse 312,314 etc. Can you help?


60637 Fuse
by: Craig Harris

What is the fuse size and number for a 60637 air compressor?


Fuse type for 60637
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Turns out that’s a 5x20mm 3A slow blow.

Buss calls it a GDC-3.

Littlfuse calls it 0239003.vxp

NTE calls it 74-5SG3A

You will not find these at auto stores, but they are readily available at decent electronics parts stores – I got some yesterday and tried it in HFT store.

BTW, you should find these for under a dollar – but I’ve seen them priced much higher.


by: Kirk

I recently bought the 60637 model and it ran perfectly for one use then a few days later it blows a fuse

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