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My Central Pneumatic 21 gal won’t go over 60psi?

Need some troubleshooting tips to help fix the problem.

Assuming your compressor pump is working correctly, then the air that’s being pumped by the air compressor is going somewhere?

One issue may be the intake valve leaks, with air being pulled in and then right back out the same intake port. Test that by pulling the intake filter and feeling the airflow at the intake port.

Another might be a gasket failure, a leaking check valve, or…. why not look on the Troubleshooting page for the link to the pages that discuss the various reasons why an air compressor will run, but the air pressure won’t build past a certain point?

After you have checked a few things, if you are still stumped, post a comment here. Knowing a bit more about your Central Pneumatic air compressor such as model, age, use level, and so on.

Central pneumatic compressor will not build above 25psi?

by jack

The central pneumatic air compressor will not build above 25psi

central pneumatic 21 gals upright I have changed pressure valve add sealent to head of compressor still will not build air above 25 psi

Jack, when you read the reasons why air compressors don’t build air pressure, on the page where you added your comment, which of the things listed did you have the chance to check?

I don’t want to cover old ground.

Please add a comment here telling me which of the checks listed you did, and we’ll see if can help each other figure out what’s going on with your air compressor.

It would be good to know the model number, how old it is, and if it’s been used a lot.

Can you provide more info, please?

Central Pneumatic shuts off at 40PSI?

Central Pneumatic 2hp 8 Gallon Air Compressor (photo: Www.harborfreight.com)
Central Pneumatic 2hp 8 Gallon Air Compressor (photo: Www.harborfreight.com)

Central Pneumatic 2HP 8 Gallon air compressor (photo: www.harborfreight.com)

I have the Central Pneumatic 2hp 8gal compressor. I will turn it on and it will build pressure to 40psi and the circuit breaker on the side will trip and the compressor will shut off.

I can wait the 5 seconds and press the brass relief and it starts up and runs for about 3 seconds and shuts off again.

Out of the box, it did run to 120 psi but now it only will run to 40psi HELP!

Friend, I have a bit of a problem understanding what you mean by “wait the 5 seconds and press the brass relief”. What brass relief is that please?

As a comment here, can you tell me more about this brass valve, and also please tell me the model number of the Central Pneumatic air compressor.

Also, do you have your air compressor plugged directly into a socket, or if you are using an extension cord? If you are using a cord, try plugging the compressor directly into a wall socket. What causes compressor thermal overload is the motor being overloaded overload and subsequent thermal valve popping can be caused by a motor being underpowered.

If you want to do a bit of research yourself, visit the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page, and follow the links to the compressor will not start page for more tips.