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by Doug in s.d.ca.
(San Diego, CA, USA)

According to HFT customer service: “Unfortunately, the replacement part you’re requesting for #97080 3G Oilless Hot Dog Compressor is not available and cannot be ordered separately from our manufacturer.

Odd Ball 1/3 Hp Harbor Freight Compressor Fuses
Odd Ball 1/3 Hp Harbor Freight Compressor Fuses
1/3 Hp Harbor Freight Compressor Fuses
1/3 Hp Harbor Freight Compressor Fuses

Harbor Freight goes on to say “here is the specifications requested:

The fuses are not standard size glass and are not available locally or online. We recommend for the fuse holder to be replaced with a standard size fuse, chassis mount fuse holder. FUSE: 250V – 3A”

Well, that means modifying the case because a regular AGC style holder won’t fit there. 13 vs 15mm hole required.

The fuse is a gdc-3.

I’m sure this fits the 97080, and probably the other 1/3 HP models.

You might also consider using a 4a breaker as on the 61615, but I can’t promise that one will fit or if it’s even available from HFT.


Glass fuses
by: Neil

What size are they?
Diameter and length in mm


Mechanical specs
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

As shown in the pix:

5 x 20mm

If you google 5×20 3a slow blow you’ll find at least three sources, including Buss GDC-3.

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