Air line for UTC power system plus model 1106c

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by: Anonymous

I have a power system plus model 1106c where can I get a new air line that connects the top tank to the bottom tank?

Thanks, Bill


Air line for UTC power system plus model 1106c
by: Bill

A photo of the part on the compressor and of the 1106C itself would certainly help answering this question.

You will not likely find any OEM parts for this compressor.

However, if remove the existing line, assuming there is one, one option is to take that line, with fittings, to an industrial plumbing supply outlet. They can likely make you one out of soft copper tube.

Failing that, you visit your local compressor store and take the make and model number of any compressor that has a similar setup for tanks. Odds are good that one of those is the same source of compressor that UTC sold, and the parts may be compatible. You will have to do some research on line to find if parts for those other compressors are actually available.

If you buy a higher priced model the next time you acquire an air compressor, the odds of finding parts will increase. Parts for cheap compressors are notoriously hard to find.

Please advise if you were successful, and if anyone knows where to get the actual part, please post a comment.

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