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by Joe Velasquez
(Flatonia,Texas 78941)

My 26 gallon Jobsmart compressor only builds up 25 psi and it cuts off? The compressor only builds up 25 to 40 psi and it cuts off. Will not start up until you release the air in it. Sometimes it will start if tapped lightly.

Compressor is about 2 years old and its a 26 gallon JobSmart.

Jobsmart air compressor
Jobsmart air compressor


Sounds like it could be a number if issues with your compressor Joe.

Regarding the cutting out at 25-40 PSI; that suggests that you have a failing pressure switch.

That is sometimes won’t start with pressure in the tank unless you “tap” it suggests that your compressor has an unloader valve issue.

If the compressor starts with no pressure in the tank and stops at 25-40 PSI, does the unloader valve trip open? If so, then, for sure, the pressure switch has a problem.

If the unloader valve does not trip when the compressor stops, first replace the pressure switch with one that cuts in and cuts out at similar pressures as your compressor did before the problem.

I suspect the new pressure switch will allow the compressor to run up to normal cut out pressures, and if so, ensure that the unloader valve works when the pressure reaches the normal cut out level.

See the pages on this site about the unloader valve and pressure switches for more info, if needed.