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Jobsmart Air Compressor Won’t Reach Cut Off pressure – Solutions & Causes

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Jobsmart TA-25100VB pressure will not build past 50 psi

by Richard
(Wetumpka, al.)

TA-25100VB will not build pressure past 50 PSI. The motor changes sounds. No leaks.

Jobsmart TA-25100 VB air compressor
Jobsmart TA-25100 VB air compressor


Jobsmart sound changes
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

That happens right around the time the pressure stops rising, right?

Then while there’s no external leak, you probably have an internal one.

If there’s no air coming from the oil fill/breather cap, then the rings are probably OK.

That leaves valves. Check that the head bolts are not loose. If they are OK, then you’ll likely need to remove the head. You’ll find one or more broken “flapper” valves in there. Or, maybe just a bad gasket that gives at 50psi. Either way, replace what’s broken (you’ll need to replace the gasket, at least), and you should have it fixed.

Good luck.


Same issue TA-25100VB flapper valve
by: Jesse

I was able to track my air leak to a broken flapper.

Do you by any chance have a part number for both the gasket, and the boomerang shaped flapper?


Jobsmart compressor parts
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

you can download the manual from TSC. There’s a parts list, but I don’t know what, if anything, is actually available.

Good luck.

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