Diaphragm for a Central Pneumatic 47065

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by Joe Edmondson
(Norcross GA)

Diaphragm for a Central Pneumatic Model 47065, any idea where can I buy one?


by: Doug in s.d.ca

What diaphragm? Are you talking about the pressure switch?

Central Pneumatic 447065 Air Compressor
Central Pneumatic 447065 Air Compressor


Quick fix diaphragm…
by: AZBen

I made the diaphragm from a bicycle inner tube cut square with scissors and punched with a small leather punch tool on hardwood backer board.

Reassembly is easier if you clamp the spring to keep it from pressing everything open. I used two medium hand spring clamps.

If you need a complete switch the OEM switch is on Amazon. It was under $8 at the time of this writing.


Pressure switch & diaphragm
by: Bill

Azben, good tip for the diaphragm. Might work for a regulator diaphragm as well.

Be aware that delivery of the switch you refer to could be a month or two.


Pressure switch for CP #47065
by: AZBen

You are correct, that could take way too long. However, there is a similar switch with fulfillment by Amazon, meaning they have it at their warehouse already. You should get this one for a couple dollars more in only a week or less. Only two days for Prime members.


HF # 47065 Pressure Switch
by: Matt

Just ordered one from an Amazon store (Wessol) located in KY, not China. Cost $9.18, no tax or shipping, and will be here in a few days. Here’s the info: “New Heavy Duty Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve 90 PSI -120 PSI
ESUMIC” and it lists a 3 year warranty!

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