Model 47065 pressure switch leaking

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by Elton Johnson
(Winter Springs Florida)

Central Pneumatic 21 gal. 3hp Model 47065

The gasket is broken. Can I get a new one or should I replace the switch?


Central Pneumatic 447065 Air Compressor
Central Pneumatic 447065 Air Compressor

The hunt for spare parts, Elton, is sometimes long and fruitless and there is no guarantee that after all that time and effort, you will find a part for your compressor pressure switch.

I consider them a consumable, and for the cost of a new switch, that would be the way I would go.

Keep the old one for spare parts if you feel it worthwhile.

As long as the new switch fits the footprint of the old, has a similar pressure range, and interfaces with the unloader, it’s all good.


HF # 47065 Pressure Switch
by: Matt

Just ordered one from an Amazon store (Wessol) located in KY, not China. Cost $9.18, no tax or shipping, and will be here in a few days. Here’s the info: “New Heavy Duty Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve 90 PSI -120 PSI
ESUMIC” and it lists a 3 year warranty!

If you wish to learn how to adjust air compressor pressure switch control valve, visit our detailed page for more information!

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Where can I purchase a new Central Pneumatic air compressor model 47065 tool pressure regulator. The gasket is broken in mine and I cannot find a replacement or a rebuilding kit.