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by John
(Bakersfield, Ca)

Got a 375 that keeps shutting down when we are blasting on it.

Its overheating to the point that it starts “peculating” the coolant back into the reservoir tank.

A couple days ago I purchased a new thermostat.

Ingersoll Rand model 375 air compressor
Ingersoll Rand model 375 air compressor

Before installing it, I pulled the old thermostat out, reinstalled the housing and completely flushed the system out. I then added a radiator flush solution and ran the engine for the recommended time, then flushed out the system again.

I installed the new thermostat and ran the motor at idle for a couple of hours, not under a load though, because I took it out to the field “Chevron oil lease” and started blasting on a pipe for about 20 minutes and it shut down on me.

I pulled it back to the yard and its been shutting down on one of my guys all day today.

Read something about the orientation of the thermostat being installed backwards at the factory. Anyone hear of this??

Also what is the recommended type of coolant, local John Deere dealership only will tell me to “go ahead and come on in, we got it right here” But i have both kinds here.



375 shutdown
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Tried running w/o the thermostat? I doubt you need it in Bakersfield, unless maybe you work at night.

As to the coolant, maybe you can go by the store to see what they try to sell you…

I suppose you’ve already verified that there is good flow thru the radiator – and that the coolant pump is working?


375 shutdown
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Forgot last time –

Check that the radiator cap is pressurizing properly.


by: John

Pressure washing the radiator worked for a while but as soon as the heat wave hit this year it started doing the same thing. I’m removing the thermostat on the compressor side today and changing out the oil filter. I’ll comment on results as soon as i can



Ever resolved Ingersoll Rand 375 Shutdown?
by: Anonymous

Having same problem. Did you ever figure yours out?

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