Ingersoll Rand IR type 30 head bolt torque is?

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by Joe
(Milwaukee WI)

I am replacing the head gaskets & finger valves on an IR type 30, model 242. In looking for head bolt torque specs online I am coming up with conflicting answers. The most common answer is 75 foot pounds.

Ingersoll Rand T-30 model 242 air compressor
Ingersoll Rand T-30 model 242 air compressor

My unit has 1/2-13 bolts on one head and 3/8-16 on the other.

My experience (all automotive, minimal other equipment repair) would be that the 75 foot pounds would work on the 1/2-13 but be a disaster on the 3/8-16 bolts.

The IR Technical Publication site seems to only have information for other type 30 models, not the 242. In looking at those manuals, they are close in design but do show enough difference (valves, etc.) to make me not trust the specs.

Any insight is appreciated.


Head Bolt torque T30 242
by: Glenn

IR put out a service note saying: HP head torque to 35lbs, and highly recommending re-torque at 15 min running and again at 30mins.

I obtained a partial copy of the service note from a local compressor shop.


242 T30 ingersol rand air compressor
by: greg

We got a paper with ours that said 35 ft. lbs we called ingersol rand said they thought 35 would fine
the little bolt would be ok on 28 30 run for a while and re torque said the main thing was to snug and not over tighten

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anybody know the head bolt tork specs for ingersall rand ss5 pump head gasket bolts?

You could try 1-800 AIR SERV
Cast iron ones seem to be 75 ft.lbs