Motor specifications for IR T30 single phase? Ingersoll Rand

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What are the motor specs are needed to convert IR T-30 to single phase?

by Chris
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I bought an IR T-30 with a bad motor. I need to convert it to single phase.

Here are the specs of the current motor:
Brand: Baldor
Cat #: 37F360X532
Frame: 254T
HP: 15
Volts: 200
Amps: 44.8
RPM: 1760
Hz: 60
PH: 3
Nom Eff: 87.5%
PF: 80%

What specs would the single-phase motor need for this compressor?

Ingersoll Rand Type 30 model 242
Ingersoll Rand Type 30 model 242


Well, I’m not an electrician, but if I were looking for a single phase motor for this compressor, I would get a 15 HP, 230 Volt, 1760 RPM. I know they are out there ’cause I just found one on line.

I also suspect that you’re going to need a major amperage breaker because of the inrush amp draw for a motor this big.

However, let’s see if someone that knows electricity a lot better than I has a comment too, K?

Question about an Ingersoll Rand T30 motor size

by Terry Slane
(Wildomar Ca,)

Ingersoll Rand T30
Ingersoll Rand T30

Hello Bill

My name is Terry and I recently acquired a T30 Ingersoll Rand two stage compressor that has a 7,5 HP Balder 3 phase electric motor 1725 RPM. My question is I would like to change the motor to a single phase 5HP motor, can you tell me if this will run my compressor ok?


Motor/Pump T30 / 2545
by: Doug in

The pump is a 2545?

The pump is supposed to run on 10-15 HP, so that motor is already a little small. The pump RPMs are supposed to be in the range 400-1050.

Can you run it with the existing motor?

Can you figure out the pump speed?

So, if you can get a motor pully that runs it at 400 or so, then it may work.

Good luck.

IR Type 30 – we are not sure that the motor is turning correctly

by Brian
(Hicksville, ny)

we just bought a compressor with no fly wheel. We were able to get a new wheel but we are not sure that the motor is turning correctly. When looking at the motor does it turn clockwise or counter clockwise?

Regards Brian

T-30 Motor Direction

by: Anonymous

Look at the flywheel on the pump. The flywheel is also a fan and should pull air across the intercooler finned tube behind the flywheel.
So this will determine the correct rotation.

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hello I am also trying to find some info on my IR 2340L-5… it was given to me without a motor and I cannot find any information for specs on a motor IR wants you to buy it from them

Here’s the pump info. If you happen to have three phase, that would be good, otherwise lotsa amps (28) for the single phase it comes with.
It takes 28oz of oil.

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Looking at the 30 T model compressor with the pulley wheel behind the pump…. pump rotation is CCW all compressors. The flywheel/pulley has a rotation indicator arrow on one of the fan fins of the pulley. Find it