Identifying United States Air Compressor Models

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by Roy

1947 66 gal 7CFM 1 pump with a slow start 220+v motor Air Compressor. This was my dads old compressor and I’m in the process of restoring it.

United States air compressor company of Cleveland air compressor
United States air compressor company of Cleveland air compressor

Mainly I want to know the technical name and information on the original motor and if I can alter somehow the motor I have to correctly run the compressor.

The old motor started out real slow then clicked and sped to full speed. The new motor nearly rips the belts off as it starts.

Please help me with this information and possibly if you have a motor that will operate my pump a little more efficiently than the old one and would consider trading for my new motor.

Unfortunately I can’t upload any more pictures. (Please add more photos using the form below – Moderator)


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Inside pic


Need help identifying compressor


I forgot to tell what the issue is?It is building up pressure in tank but not coming out the air hose

Are we talking about this machine, perchance?

Anyway, usually this is because the connector on the hose doesn’t mate properly with the one on the tank. Depending on your existing equipment, it may be easiest to change the one on the tank to match your hose(s). How about sending pix of the hose and tank connectors, both individually and connected?

Ok thank you so much it was my father in laws. I just would like to see it working again. Especially with air sometimes costing 3 to 4 $ every air up. Yes I will get you those picks also curious as to what it might be worth. It runs fine. Thanks

“air sometimes costing 3 to 4 $ every air up”
Ouch. Where’s that?

Here are pics sorry so long hectic.


Ah, so no connector.
As it sits in the pix, there should be air coming out of that threaded port, assuming you read pressure on the tank gauge between the motor and pump.
Are you then reading pressure on the gauge on the regulator? If not, is the valve below the regulator open?

I have a United States Air Compressor Model # MK-663. Serial number is 163996 -MK

Would like to sell this united states air compressor company of cleveland ohio compressor. Tank stamp says 1949. Wondering what potential value would be and any other thoughts. Still runs, was left in a building we purchased.

I suggest you look for some antique machinery sites. There’s definitely a market for these things, but not so much here.

Good luck.

My grandpa had this one, I’m sure it still works

Ok I wasn’t sure if the tank label was a accurate date since it had two more plates on it thanks for your help

I have a United States air compressor. How can find out the year it was made?

Usually the tank ID plate is a good Indicator. 1947?

mine has a 1.5 century elec motor but someone took the capacitor off and I cant find any info on what capacitor it needs

That’s a broad subject. You should find some ideas doing a search with ‘capacitor motors’ and drill down from there.

1927 model at a small local garage

Sorry Dustin, what are you asking about? Can you provide a bit more info? Thanks.