Tool Pressure regulator knob stripped – broken model 0300841

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by Clint
(Alvarado, Texas)

Kobalt Regulator Panel
Kobalt compressor regulator panel

Tool Pressure regulator knob stripped/broken model 0300841. The tool pressure knob is stripped or broken. When you try to increase tool pressure, the knob just spins. Can’t find a replacement anywhere.


Regulator knob model 0300841
by: Bill

Clint you will have to remove the cover from the panel (I’ve uploaded a photo) and you should find that the regulator is a relatively standard mini-regulator that you can purchase in many locations.

You’ll have to disassemble the discharge piping to get it off.

Expect that the new knob will look different but the regulator will work the same way.

Make sure you install the regulator in the right direction. The arrow on the body points to the discharge coupler, not the tank.


Kobalt Regulator
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and when I removed the regulator, I find it is actually cast into the manifold. I can’t find a replacement that will fit back into the mounting bracket. Do you have contact information for Kobalt where I can ask them for the part. I found the part number in the manual. Compressor Model #0300841; Regulator part number WCFATY.02.07

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Replace manifold

Yup, the cast manifolds are hard to find for some models. This links to the page on this site now about how to build your own using standard parts.


Kolbalt Regulator Issue
by: Anonymous

I just ran into the same problem today. Does anyone have the model number or place where I can buy a new regulator that will fit in this assembly?


Pressure regulator issue.
by: Anonymous

You can find the part number in the owners manual and the model number. Here they are. MODEL 0300841


Kobalt Regulator Knob – chronic problem
by: Bob

I have purchased 3 of these Kobalt 8 gallon air compressor’s. I don’t use them that frequently. Sometime I may go months before I use it.

Two of the three units have had the regulator knob break and just spin. The first time I returned it to Lowe’s and they replaced it without questions because it’s their brand.

Just last week I returned the second one and they refused to take it back and replace it. I am going to purchase a new knob and replace it.

However, as I told the folks at Lowe’s, there is a Orange and White colored store just a 1/4 mile down the road that would love to have my business.

Purchased a Husky brand from the Orange and White store on Sunday. I have been a Lowe’s loyalist for years but would not recommend buying this Kobalt brand of air compressor for the reasons I have shared.

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Is there any videos on the how to portion?

Broke the Regulator/manifold assy. on my Kobalt 0300841 compressor. Called Lowes but they said model was discontinued and no parts available. Told my wife who asked what’s a new compressor cost? Looked on Lowes website and saw what looked to be the same model only in light blue and the model # 0300842. I found the parts list for this new model online, looked up the regulator and it had the same regulator p/n WCFATY.02.07. Called Lowes back, lied and said I had model 0300842 and needed the regulator WCFATY.02.07. She didn’t have it but would contact the factory about… Read more »

I called Kobalt (1-888-3KOBALT) to order a replacement manifold/regulator for model 0300841. There was a ~15 minute hold, then the rep wanted a specific date of purchase even though I bought the compressor 10 years ago, I just guessed and they said that was fine. They also wanted my name, address, model number, and the part number from the manual. After collecting the info they told me it was not in stock and that their supplier would contact me directly, but gave me a case number to call them back if I didn’t hear anything within 5 business days. The… Read more »

That’s good to know – I am truly surprised you got that far – if it’s the right part.

It is indeed the right part, on the invoice from Alton it’s listed as KB0470442 – Regulator. It shipped pretty fast too. I took the new regulator apart and put anti-seize on the threads that failed on the original. I noticed that the seal design is different, where the original had a thick rubber seal, the new design has two separate o-rings that are half the size. One thing about the reinstallation is that the gauges were originally glued into position, so when I installed them into the new manifold with teflon tape, they seated in different orientations, not something… Read more »

Cool. Please let us know what you find about the motor.

I also bought the replacement part for about $16 from Kobalt by calling (1-888-356-2258) which I found on It is backordered a month. But probably much easier than trying to fit a different regulator.

I suspect the steel screw in the aluminum housing stripped the threads on mine when i tore the plastic cap off and looked a the regulator. A bit of anti seize lube would really be a critical addition here IMO.

Compressor Model #0300841; Regulator part number WCFATY.02.07

I followed Larry's advice down below and cut the knob off the regulator and installed a ( Thumb screw 5/16 18x2 )  I didn't need to do a thread cutting tap my regulator.. The problem is the knob screw threads are too weak. Kobalt does not sell a replacement knob.  Good luck all.

This method did not work for me, bought the exact thumb screw.. while tightening (increasing tool pressure), the thumb screw just goes right on through the spring and doesn’t actually apply pressure. Puty a nut on the bottom side to try and remedy this, the nut doesn’t push down, it just threads up the thumb screw until you cant screw anymore.. spring has too much power and can’t be pushed in.. how did you get yours to work?

I can’t get it to go above 50 psi on tool pressure.. at that point it just screws and does nothing, assuming stripping the housing the screw goes into.

[email protected] has all Kobalt parts, they make the compressors for Lowes, bought my regulator from them, under $18 including shipping. Don’t click on or call the 800-3kobalt number because they are an overseas customer service buffer zone and you will be wasting your time.

I have the kobalt 8gal. Stripped regulator. Can you bypass the regulator

Yes, you can, probably…need a model number to be sure.
But if you do that, you still need a regulator somewhere unless you want to blow out your tools, presuming you use tools.

My problem is with the cheap junk aluminum manifold that crumbles as you insert the air hose fitting ….. pure cheap crumbly junk……

Yup. Cheap. That’s why you can buy a compressor for $59. Unfortunately, almost all big box store type compressors are made so that they can sell cheap, and that means cheap parts that don’t last. If I’m an occasional compressor user, I’ll buy cheap and chuck out a $59 unit as it would cost more to fix than it’s worth. If I were making my living using compressed air, I’d buy a compressor with a North American industrial distribution network of sales & service, not a piece of crap manufactured offshore for $10 and sold through multiple levels of distribution… Read more »

Seems like that particular Kobalt Air Compressor has caught several of us.

My issue is the cast-iron manifold broke, leaving no other option but to either replace or build my own.

However, that part is not even listed in the original manual or any parts source, the closest item listed is the regulator.

The recommendation to build one may be a hassle, but the quality should be much better than the original.

Now I just have to wait until the regulator fails…

Thanks for the Website and advice!!!

[email protected] has all Kobalt parts, they make the compressors for Lowes, bought my regulator from them, under $18 including shipping. Don’t click on or call the 800-3kobalt number because they are an overseas customer service buffer zone and you will be wasting your time.

I bought the replacement part for about $10 from Kobalt by calling (1-888-356-2258) which I found on

I am sure this post is old but this happend to me I could not find a simple replacement so I used a 1inch galvinized pipe cap. Than drilled a hole for a bolt and used a nut to size it to the spring and works like a charm.

Thanks for that Chris.

Could you upload or send a picture of your solution so we can try this fix?

I fixed my broken regulator – the blue regulator. It was stripped and wouldn’t work. I took the plastic off the regulator by grinding it off with a cutting wheel with a small hand held grinder. Then I was able to take a small cresent wrench and take the regulator off of the tank. Then I pulled a white insert/nob from the center of the regulator with small pliers. Then I cut the bolt off of the top of the regulator and removed it by unscrewing it from the inside. Then I took a thread cutting tap and tapped the… Read more »